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Sentaz specialises in the field of Tactile Navigation in vehicles: intuitive communication of navigation instructions by means of vibration patterns in car seats and motor cycle seats. In Sentaz, the knowledge, expertise, experience and network of Teijin & Elitac have been combined. The latter has years of experience with tactile feedback and the integration of electronics in textile. As winner of the Defence Innovation Competition, Elitac develops a vest with which soldiers can feel navigation information and communicate quietly. With its aramids Twaron and Teijinconex, Teijin already has lots of experience in the world of emergency services.

TNO research has shown that the use of tactical signals results in a reduction in reaction time and mental exertion. Tactile signals are palpable signals that can be felt all over the body. Sentaz uses vibrations in the chair, near the legs, to make the signals palpable.

With this science, Sentaz has developed an innovative extension of a turn-by-turn navigation system. The system of Sentaz is linked to third-party software. In case of vehicle navigation, this can be software like CityGIS, TomTom, Garmin, Falck & Sygic.

Founding of Sentaz B.V.

The intuitive vibrations reduce the need of the driver to navigate visually and/or auditory. Especially when they are used to the system, they will trust the signals without relying on the visual/audio display. This means their eyes and ears are available for other tasks.

The system of Sentaz has been successfully applied with, among others, professional drivers, especially drivers of police vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances. These people work under conditions that require high mental exertion, caused by a combination of high-speed driving and exposure to a high level of visual and auditory signals in the vehicle.

Motorcyclists also have this mental exertion, in addition to the limitations of navigating on a motorcycle. There is a lot of noise from their surroundings and a relatively small screen for instructions. Tactile navigation offers the solution! Sentaz also has tactile navigation incorporated into the seat of a motorcycle.

Fire Department Groningen wins Jan van der Heyden innovation award with Tactile Navigation

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