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Fitted seat covers

These seat covers are tailor-made by Potijk for each type of vehicle and fitted with an airbag label. Potijk has realized seat covers for the police fleet, among others.

Seat covers with Sentaz Tactile Navigation
The company Potijk supplies various fitted car seat covers for Sentaz that incorporate Tactile Navigation. The seat covers are made of black fabric, real leather or high-quality artificial leather. With this quality cover you always have the best location for Sentaz Tactile Navigation and you protect the original upholstery. Sentaz has chosen for Potijk because they deliver covers with a very good fit.

Guaranteed perfect fit
Because the fabric or the artificial leather of the covers are cut with a CNC cutting machine, there is practically no deviation in the good fit of the seat cover. An additional advantage is that new models are quickly added to the CNC database. Careful attention is also paid to any airbags in the seats. For this purpose, special yarn is used so that the cover tears open in the event of a collision, just like the original upholstery would.

Quick assembly
All car seat covers can easily be placed on the original seat. This is possible due to the use of edges and covers as they are present on the original chair. The hooks and / or Velcro strips required for this are incorporated in the cover so that you do not have to work with loose parts.

The best quality
High-quality materials are used to protect the chair and ensure durability. Both fabrics, artificial leather and real leather are used to produce the product according to your wishes. All this makes the seat covers a suitable product for preserving the vehicle.


  • Guaranteed the best location Sentaz Tactile Navigation.
  • DIY. Easy to install yourself.
  • Flexible and not vehicle bound. Easily transferable to another vehicle with the same seat.
  • Comfortable and hygienic
  • Made from the best materials
  • Neat fit

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