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Garmin fleet™

With Garmin fleet ™, Garmin offers a hardware platform for fleet management. Garmin works with a large number of Fleet Management Partners who offer all kinds of unique customer solutions that are tailored to specific vertical markets and business needs.

Garmin fleet ™ is supported by Sentaz Tactile Navigation.
Safe, clear and efficient navigation with the innovative tactile navigation from Sentaz. With Sentaz as an add-on, partners and customers of Garmin fleet ™ can navigate in complete safety and tranquility.

The navigation instructions from Garmin fleet ™ are translated by Sentaz into vibrations in the seat and thus made tangible. This keeps eyes and ears free for other tasks that promote safety. Sentaz Tactile Navigation has proven itself in emergency services such as the police, fire brigade and ambulance and is now accessible to a larger audience with Garmin fleet ™

Sentaz Tactile Navigation is supplied as built-in or in a custom-made seat cover from the company Potijk. These seat covers are tailor-made for each type of vehicle according to your wishes.

Sentaz Tactile Navigation supports the following Garmin navigators:
Garmin Fleet 790
Garmin Fleet 780
Garmin Fleet 770
Garmin Fleet 670V
Garmin Fleet 670
Garmin Fleet 660

The Garmin fleet ™ is connected to Sentaz Tactile Navigation via a powered USB HUB.

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