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“Keep your eyes and
ears on the road.”

“Reduce the risk
of navigation errors.”

"Reduce reaction time
and mental exertion."

How it works

Most (vehicle) navigation systems are based on step-by-step navigation. The user selects a destination and the system calculates a route. Navigation systems inform the user to take a left, take a certain exit or provide other navigation instructions. These systems provide information through a screen and speech. In our system, the user receives navigation signals through vibrations in the driver’s seat. Distinctive, intuitive patterns are pre-set to properly distinguish the navigation instructions.

The system of Sentaz is linked to third-party software. In case of vehicle navigation, this can be software like CityGIS, TomTom, Garmin, Falck or Sygic.

Pre-warning and warning

The Tactile Navigation gives two instructions: a pre-warning* and a warning when the exit needs to be taken. The timing of the vibration signals depends on the speed of the vehicle.

*The pre-warning is skipped if the subsequent warning signal needs to be given too shortly afterwards.

Keep left / right

» Single vibration on left/right

Turn left / right

Gif take the turn

» Single vibration on left/right.
» Double vibration on left/right.
» 2 x three vibrations on left/right.


Gif roundabout

» All vibrators vibrate consecutively in a circular pattern, starting at the back right side to the front side to the back left side.
» After that, the right vibrators vibrate a few times, corresponding with the number of the exit on the roundabout.

Turning back

» Single vibration on rear vibrators.
» Double vibration on rear vibrators (depending on the distance).
» 2 x three vibrations on rear vibrators.

Arrived at destination

» Simultaneous, long vibration on all vibrators.

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