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Sentaz Equipped OoD Vehicles Of Groningen With Tactile Navigation

Sentaz equipped OoD vehicles of Groningen with tactile navigation

“In week 37, Sentaz equipped five OoD vehicles from Firefighter Department Groningen with tactile navigation. Tactile navigation consists of a six vibrating motors built in the driver’s seat and connected to the navigation software. The driver feels the navigation instructions and therefore needs less attention for the navigation screen. Eyes and ears remain free for traffic and mobile phone contact. This makes driving safer.”

“In TNO research, it has been shown that mental stress decreases and reaction time shortens. The purchase of five systems was the follow-up of a successful pilot, which showed that drivers experienced more rest while driving, and the navigating instructions were intuitive. Firefighter Department Groningen is finalist for the Jan van der Heyden Prize with our tactile navigation system. During the National Firefighter Conference (5 & 6 October), Richard Lubben explains tactile navigation and demonstrates it at the booth of Safety Region Groningen.”


Source: Brand & Brandweer, Sdu Uitgevers – nummer 10 oktober 2017

Translated by Sentaz

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