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“Keep your eyes and
ears on the road.”

“Reduce the risk
of navigation errors.”

"Reduce reaction time
and mental exertion."


Sentaz specialises in the field of Tactile Navigation in vehicles: Intuitive communication of navigation instructions by means of vibration patterns in car seats and motor cycle seats. In Sentaz, the knowledge, expertise, experience and network of Teijin & Elitac are combined.

Read about how we became the experts in Tactile Navigation:

TNO research shows that the use of tactical signals results in a reduction in reaction time and mental exertion. Tactile signals are palpable signals. Sentaz uses vibrations to make the signals palpable.

When a first responder rushes to an emergency situation with high priority, they experience a high mental workload: driving at high speeds and running red lights while communicating with colleagues in the control room and following the navigation instructions. That is why we chose to add the use of touch (feel) to the navigation system of the first responders.

The intuitive vibrations reduce the need of the driver to look at a screen. Especially when they are used to the system, they will trust the signals without relying on the visual display. This allows the driver to keep their eyes and ears on the road.

Sentaz & the emergency services

In 2017, the Fire Service of Safety Region Groningen won the Jan van der Heydenprijs, the award for innovation within the Dutch Fire Service, with Sentaz Tactile Navigation. Multiple vehicles have since been equipped with tactile navigation in Groningen.

Safety Region Amsterdam Amstelland also uses tactile navigation. Tactile Navigation has added value in the very busy streets of Amsterdam, too.

Safety Region Utrecht will start using tactile navigation soon. In addition, multiple fire brigades have shown interest and will soon experience it for themselves with the Sentaz Driving Experience.

In addition to the many satisfied customers at fire departments, we are also well on our way with other emergency services. UMCG Ambulance Care (Axira) uses Sentaz tactile navigation in their ambulances. And the police have had positive experiences in their first tests with tactile navigation.

Foreign services have also shown interest.

Tactile Navigation explained by Firefighter Richard Lubben

Sentaz in other markets:

Tactile navigation on large and heavy trucks also has benefits here, as well as the additional peace of mind in small business transport.

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