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TomTom Bridge

TomTom Bridge is supported by Sentaz Tactile Navigation.
Safe, clear and efficient navigation with the innovative tactile navigation from Sentaz. With Sentaz as an add-on, TomTom Bridge partners and customers can navigate in complete safety and tranquility.

The navigation instructions of TomTom Bridge are translated by Sentaz into vibrations in the seat and thus made tangible. This keeps eyes and ears free for other tasks that promote safety. Sentaz Tactile Navigation has now proven itself in emergency services such as the police, fire brigade and ambulance and is now accessible to a larger audience with TomTom Bridge.

The TomTom Bridge is connected directly to USB with Sentaz Tactile Navigation. Sentaz Tactile Navigation is supplied as built-in or in a custom-made seat cover from the company Potijk. These seat covers are tailor-made per vehicle type according to your wishes.

Some of the TomTom Bridge partners

Daimler Fleetboard & TomTom Bridge
Combining logistics, communication and navigation with Daimler Fleetbord

Astrata & TomTom Bridge
Empowering fleet drivers and dispatchers with Astrata DriverLinc.

CMT & TomTom Bridge
Leading technology solutions for taxi and for-hire industries with CMT Group

Frogne & TomTom Bridge
Ease of fiscal compliance for the taxi trade with Frogne

Iveco & TomTom Bridge
Giving professional drivers easy vehicle management with IVECO

Hymer & TomTom Bridge
Specialty camper solutions with Hymer

Rescue Track & TomTom Bridge
Improving emergency response services with Convexis

Prometheus & TomTom Bridge
Gaining total control of your processes with Prometheus Informatics

Framelogic & TomTom Bridge
Providing customers with valuable fleet knowledge in real time with frameLOGIC

Telematrik & TomTom Bridge
On-board technology making public transport more efficient with TeleMATRIK

Traffilog & TomTom Bridge
Developing fully connected vehicles with Traffilog

Seibt & Straub & TomTom BRIDGE
Setting a new standard for the for-hire industry with Seibt & Straub

Nufatron & TomTom Bridge
Delivering a flexible entry-level telematics solution with Nufatron

Hexagon & TomTom Bridge
Working with Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure – the leading solution provider for the entire public safety response – to enable faster and more efficient emergency operations

Blue Tree Systems & TomTom Bridge
developing mobile workforce solutions for the trucking industry with Blue Tree Systems

Accreditation Manager & TomTom Bridge
Accreditation Manager is a fully automated compliance management software system which assists bus operators through their compliance obligations with a unique ‘click-fix’ process.

DIT & TomTom Bridge
Exploring the electro mobility foundations of tomorrow

Capture POD & TomTom Bridge
Talecom are a mobile application provider, building apps over the last 14 years, for couriers, NHS, Police forces and many other markets.

Bartec Auto ID & TomTom Bridge
Collective has been the clear market leader for waste and recycling operations for over a decade and continues to innovate in all areas of municipal front-line operations

Datasmart ELD & TomTom Bridge
The complete and easy ELD solution for your fleet

Scorpion Track & TomTom Bridge
Navigation | Driver Scheduling | Vehicle Checks | 2-Way Driver Messaging | Vehicle Tracking | Unique Driver ID

Simma Electronic & TomTom Bridge
The most efficient solution for readymix deliveries

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