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Finalist Jan van der Heydenprijs

Safety Region Groningen is a finalist of the Jan van der Heyden Prize with Tactile Navigation. During the fire brigade conference on 5 and 6 October 2017 in Kaatsheuvel, the concept will be presented on stage by Officer of Duty Richard Lubben. There is also a stand for more information and a demonstration in the information market.
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Safety Region Groningen wins Innovation Award with Sentaz!

During the annual Dutch firefighter conference on October 5, 2017, the Jan van der Heyden Innovation Award was awarded to the Groningen Safety Region. The submitted innovation is the tactile navigation system developed by Sentaz. In cooperation with the Groningen Safety Region, the system has been tested and the vibration patterns have been refined. See the video below for the nominations and award ceremony:

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Sentaz equipped OoD vehicles of Groningen with tactile navigation

“In week 37, Sentaz equipped five OoD vehicles from Firefighter Department Groningen with tactile navigation. Tactile navigation consists of a six vibrating motors built in the driver’s seat and connected to the navigation software. The driver feels the navigation instructions and therefore needs less attention for the navigation screen. Eyes and ears remain free for traffic and mobile phone contact. This makes driving safer.”

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Tactile Car Seat at Ambulance trade show

Elitac and Teijin Aramid presented tactile turn-by-turn navigation at the Ambulance trade show in Harderwijk on the 6th and 7th of April in the Axira Booth. The turn-by-turn navigation system guides drivers by gentle vibrations in their seat. This keeps a driver’s eyes on the road.

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Establishment of Sentaz BV

For almost 2 years, Teijin Aramid and Elitac have been working together on the development of a tactile navigation seat for first reponder drivers. As a result of the positive results obtained in this collaboration, it was decided in 2016 to further develop and commercialize the product, resulting in the establishment the joint-venture Sentaz BV earlier this month.

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